15 Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Education

With the high demand on needs such as desks, athletic equipments and textbooks, the members of staff and faculty of different schools are always looking for innovative ways to bring additional revenue to fund projects. Tightening of fiscal budgets has demanded institutions to come up with external methods of bringing in money to the school in order to not only improve the longevity of the school but also develop the learning standards of the children. Thankfully, there are 15 Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Education that are considered to have the same goal in the end…that is, making the most profit possible in the smallest amount of time.


15 Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Education


Selling chocolate bars and sweets



Selling candy bars and sweet has been one of the most traditional ideas with a great success. Each student is given a fixed amount of candy to sell, plus an additional candy bars in case they run out. However, before implementing this idea, it’s important to correctly estimate the amount of candy bars to invest in because buying too much might bring loss if the school does not sell all of them. Some even make lo mein noodles


Pizza discount cards


Everyone in the world loves pizza, so this can be a great fundraising idea. There are indeed a lot of pizza lovers and offering them a pizza card can really help to save their money. The best crowds that can take advantage of pizza cards are teenagers and kids. The pizza card offered is usually for one exclusive company. Some of the discounts can be half of the pizza, free drinks or even a percentage off.




A carnival doesn’t need to have an assortment of rides, but every classroom is able to put on their own ‘game’. This can be a ring toss game in which a contestant tries to toss a plastic ring around a bottle of soda or a classic cake walk game. The carnivore tickets are sold at the front of the school.


Discount card


Setting up a discount card can be challenging but some companies offer assistance. You just need to do more than a little research on suppliers since the cost of the program can vary greatly.


Prepaid phone cards


This is another great idea for schools looking for a higher Return on Investment. The initial investment can be high, usually higher than the discount cards, and some creative thinking is required when carrying out this activity.


Bake sale


This is an event where you will be featuring different baked goods such as cakes, cookies, muffins brownies. You will need a good venue where you will be able to cater to a certain number of people.


Charity auctions


This can be the fastest way of raising money for your school and interact with your donors face-to-face. You can ask for items for charity auction from your local businesses and then hire an auctioneer.




It is the most used fundraising idea these days. It is very simple to organize since you just need to determine a location and time for your walk. It’s important to choose a season that has a good temperature with no rain.


Pajama day


Make an advertisement for pajama day and charge students a couple of dollars to wear their comfy pajamas in school.


Host a party


Hosting a parent party is a brilliant way of giving the parents a night out while raising money for your school.


Read- a- thon


It is an educational fundraiser where student obtain pledges from their family and friend for the number of pages they can read in a semester.


Dance fundraisers


Organize a dance competition between classes or even individual kids in a class and raise money.


Candy Grams


Let the student send out a personalized note and a piece of candy to one of their friend and charge them a small fee.


Pet party


Organize a pet showground where student and parents bring their pets for show-and-tell and charge a small admission fee per pet.


Car wash campaign


One of the best advantages of organizing a car wash fundraising campaign is the fact that it doesn’t require a huge capital and a lot of materials. You just need the water, sponges, soap, car shampoo, and cloth.


With the above exciting ideas, you can easily generate sufficient funds for your school without putting in too much of effort or resources from the school institution.


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